M. Sc. Eng. Paweł Gwardys

The Managing Director of Passage Cosmetics Laboratory since 1988

Qualifications: university education (Lodz University of Technology, the Faculty of Food Chemistry)




– author of an innovative cosmetic series in which Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) extracted from oenothera oil  were used as active ingredients,

– co-author of granted patents:

  1. ‘Natural antioxidant preparation’ – No 187310
  2. ’Cosmetics and/or pharmaceuticals for external use containing biological active ingredients of plant origin’ – No 188691
  3. ‘Antioxidant preparation of polyphenol compounds of plant origin’ – No 187311
  4. ‘Cosmetic preparation containing UV filters of natural origin’ – No 397641
  5. ‘Camouflage cosmetic foundation in the form of water-in-oil emulsion and a method for its production in a continuous process” – No P 398799
  6. ‘ Method for producing emulsion with water and hydrophilic ingredients as the internal phase’ – No PL 385947


He founded Passage Cosmetics Laboratory right after graduating from university in the 1980s. His commitment, experience and organizational skills enabled him to create a buoyant company in the domestic and world market.

He is a consultant in the field of cosmetic technologies and formulations.

His employees hold him in high esteem for his sense of humor, friendly personality and individual approach. His life motto is: “A man is great not because of what he owns, but because of who he is…”.


As a private person: close contact with nature, travelling, fascination with music

[email protected]